Elevate your next celebration with our Vietnamese catering that will catch all eyes (and mouths).


Perfect for any special event and size-- from parties to potlucks to birthdays to anniversaries and engagements.


You invite the guests, we’ll take care of the rest: from tongs to chopsticks and plates. *Free Delivery Minimum of $249 Required and applies to local DMV Area.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Our lovely team is happily waiting to assist you in crafting the perfect feast.

Half-Size: Serves ~4, Full-Size: Serves ~8.

Classics and Entrees: Serve ~4

Our RAVE menu can be ordered for pickup or delivery or setup.

Because our dishes are gourmet chef made from scratch we require a 24-hour notice with a $99 minimum.

STARTERS: món khai vị

Sugarcane Poppers | Cuốn trên mía

  • BBQ Pork | Nem Nướng

    Protein wrapped around chopped sugarcane.

    Half: 24 | Full: 44
  • Shrimp | Chạo tôm

    Protein wrapped around chopped sugarcane.

    Half: 24 | Full: 44

Protein Skewers | Thịt Nướng

  • Chicken

    Marinated and grilled.

    Half: 19 | Full: 33
  • Filet Mignon

    Marinated and grilled.

    Half: 34 | Full: 64
  • Jumbo Tiger Shrimp

    Marinated and grilled.

    Half: 29 | Full: 64
  • Lemongrass Tofu (vg)

    Marinated and grilled.

    Half: 18 | Full: 31

Spring Rolls: Chả giò

  • Pork & Shrimp Spring Rolls

    Netted crispy rolls served with lettuce and herbs to wrap and dip. Choice of Vietnamese vinaigrette or peanut sauce.

    Half: 16 | Full: 29
  • Veggie Summer Rolls

    Netted crispy rolls served with lettuce and herbs to wrap and dip. Choice of Vietnamese vinaigrette or peanut sauce.

    Half: 12 | Full: 20

Summer Rolls | Gỏi cuốn

  • Pork & Shrimp Summer Roll

    Fresh rice paper rolls with herbs, vermicelli and pickled medley. Choice of Vietnamese vinaigrette or peanut sauce.

    Half: 16 | Full: 29
  • Veggie Summer Roll

    Fresh rice paper rolls with herbs, vermicelli and pickled medley. Choice of Vietnamese vinaigrette or peanut sauce.

    Half: 12 | Full: 20

Peking Duck Pancakes | Vịt Quay

  • Peking Duck Pancakes | Vịt quay

    Crispy roasted duck breast wraps with cucumber, chives and sweet hoisin sauce.

    Half: 20 | Full: 36

Salads : gỏi

  • Green Papaya | Gỏi đu đủ

    Crunchy green papaya salad with prawn & pork. Served with prawn crackers, peanuts and Vietnamese vinaigrette.

    Half: 29 | Full: 52
  • Viet Slaw | Gỏi gà

    Shredded chicken salad with Asian herbs, peppers and a chili ginger dressing.

    Half: 22 | Full: 41

Mini Classics

Hor d’oeuvre portion sized signature Vietnamese dishes.

  • Viet sandwiches | Bánh mì

    Caramelized pork belly, herbs, pickled medley on toasted French Baguettes.

    Half: 22 | Full: 41
  • Vermicelli noodles: bún thịt nướng

    Grilled flank steak slices, shrimp, herbs, pickled medley, crispy shallots with Vietnamese vinaigrette.

    Half: 22 | Full: 41
  • Vietnamese noodle soup: Phở bò

    With angus steak slices

    Half: 24 | Full: 45
  • Lump Crab Fried Rice: Cơm chiên cua

    Maryland Lump Crab with wok-tossed fried rice.

    Half: 27 | Full: 49

Classics (Serves 6)

All Classics can be served as a filling meal for 4 or a first course for 8.

Vietnamese Noodle Soup: Phở

18-hour slow simmered rice noodle soup served with a side plate of fresh basil, bean sprout, cilantro, scallion and lime.

  • Beef Combo

    Short rib, sliced angus eye round and brisket with oxtail bone broth.

  • Spicy Oxtail

    Pulled braised meat with spicy oxtail bone broth.

  • Veggie

    Tofu, bok choy, carrots, daikon with aromatic veggie broth.


Viet Sandwiches: Bánh mì

Grilled protein on a toasted French Baguette with pickled medley, herbs, jalapenos and foie de gras pâté.

  • Chicken

  • Flank Steak

  • Pork Belly


Vermicelli Noodles: Bún thịt nuớng

  • Vermicelli Noodles: Bún thịt nuớng

    Grilled flank steak and jumbo shrimp on a bed of rice noodles with pickles, herbs, crispy shallots. Served with Vietnamese vinaigrette.


Fried Rice: Cơm chiên

  • Lump Crab (from Maryland)

    Oven-roasted Maryland lump crab chunks with aromatic, wok-tossed fried rice topped with cilantro and sunny side up eggs.

  • Veggie

    Tofu fried rice with aromatic, wok-tossed fried rice, veggies topped with cilantro and sunny side up eggs.


Slow-Cooked Soups: Súp hầm

(Serves 4 as a meal or 8 as a first course.)

  • Vietnamese Beef Stew: bò kho

    Hearty stew with earthy, citrusy, rich and spicy flavors. Served with toasted French Baguettes.

  • Hue’s Spicy Beef Soup: Bún bò Huế

    Robust, extra-spicy beef soup originating from the Imperial City, Hue. Tender pork and beef slices with fresh herbs.

  • Chicken Curry: Cà Ri Gà

    Rich fragrant Vietnamese curry with veggies and mushrooms. Served with toasted French Baguettes.

  • Vietnamese Meatball: XÍU MẠI

    Tender, handmade pork and shrimp meatballs simmered in a tangy, sweet tomato sauce. Served with toasted French Baguettes.

  • Lump Crab Asparagus Soup: Súp Măng Cua

    Thick luxurious soup traditionally served at celebrations with a silky texture from white asparagus, quail eggs and chunks of Maryland lump crab meat.


Gourmet Entrees

Our most beautifully delicious dishes. Can be shared with ~4 guests family-style.

  • Shaken Filet Mignon: Bò lúc lắc

    Cubed tender filet mignon, wok-seared and placed on a bed of watercress, red onions and scallion. Served with jasmine rice.

  • Lemongrass Red Snapper: Cá chiên sả

    Crispy Whole Red Snapper with sweet, tangy chili-lime glaze on a bed of arugula, lettuce and spinach. Served with jasmine rice.

  • Golden Pork Belly: Thịt heo quay

    Fancy dish served at celebrations with a crispy flavorful skin over juicy savory roasted meat. Served with coconut sticky rice and scallion.

  • Whole Roasted Dungeness Crab: Cua Đút Lò

    Whole Dungeness Crab roasted with garlic peppercorn butter seasoned with vietnamese spices and topped with scallion, garlic and ginger. Served on a bed of garlic parmesan noodles.

  • Peking Duck Bao Sliders : Vịt kẹp bánh bao

    Peking Duck breast slices, pickled medley, cucumber, scallion, hoisin sauce wrapped with steamed buns.

  • Buddha Bowl: Tô chay đặc biệt

    Savory, tangy grilled tofu, exotic mushrooms and sliced avocado with fresh vegetables. Served with lime, pickled medley and quinoa.



  • Chia Banana Pudding: Chè chuối

    Rich creamy dessert with organic chia seeds, sliced ripe banana and coconut cream. Served with toasted sesame seeds and chopped peanuts.

    Half: 19 | Full: 34
  • Exotic Fruit Platter: Dĩa trái cây

    Freshly cut mix of berries, grapes, kiwi, papaya, starfruit, and dragonfruit. Fruit selection varies based on season.

    Half: 23| Full: 39
  • Homemade French Macarons

    Flavor options varies by day. Individually box and bowed for party favors.

    Each: $5 (Min 6)

Vietnamese Coffees

Our House Blend is a 50/50 Mix of the icon Cafe Du Monde and Trung Nguyen Premium Blend slow-dripped through a Vietnamese phin.

  • Traditional Hot: Cà phê sữa nóng

    Longevity Brand condensed milk beautifully layered with our house phin drip.

    Half: 19 | Full: 33
  • Traditional Cold: Cà phê sữa đá

    Our extra-bold cold brew blended with Longevity Brand condensed milk.

    Half: 19 | Full: 33
  • Black: Cà phê đen

    Very bold drip coffee. Served cold or hot.

    Half: 13 | Full: 20

Easy Feasts

Presets packages guaranteed to please ~4-5 guests.

Land ($169)

Green Papaya Salad w/Pork and Prawn Half
Chicken Satay Skewers Half
BBQ Pork Sugarcane Poppers Half
Shaken Filet Mignon
Roasted Crispy Pork Belly
Chia Banana Pudding Half

Sea ($199)

Green Papaya Salad w/Pork and Prawn Half
Tiger Shrimp Skewers Half
Shrimp Sugarcane Poppers Half
Crispy Red Snapper
Roasted Dungeness Crab
Chia Banana Pudding Half

Plant ($169)

Green Papaya Salad Half
Tofu Skewers Half
Veggie Summer Rolls Half
Veggie Spring Rolls Half
Veggie Fried Rice
2 Buddha Bowls
Chia Banana Pudding Half


Why is there a minimum order of $99?

A: Our entire R.A.V.E. catering menu is made from scratch by our gourmet chef and it would only make sense to schedule her for larger orders. For smaller orders, we suggest ordering from our default menu.

What is the lead time?

A: We require a 24 hour advance notice for all orders. Our menu is gourmet chef-made, most dishes require us to prepare and marinate overnight. For same day orders, we suggest ordering from our default menu.

Will you cater our event?

A: Yes, we will deliver and/or set up for free to the DMV area for pre-tax orders larger than $249.

How are you different from other Vietnamese catering?

A: Your special occasions with special people deserve extra special care. We want you to feel that proud moment when you bring our Reasonably Authentic Vietnamese Experience to your guests… an “experience” that is much more than just tasty food. We create spectacular gourmet chef dishes that’s always extra enough for all guests to rave about on Instagram.


ADDRESS: 1800 N Lynn Street, Arlington, VA

PHONE: (571) 800-1881

E-MAIL: happyendingseatery1@gmail.com