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We are a modern Asian food hall that brings the best and crave-able dishes from all of our Happy Endings brands under one kitchen.

We’re about spreading good vibes and creating a paradise for your palette. We’re not just a food hall, we’re a place that brings good people together and connect over a good meal. We empower you to live a fulfilled life by choosing your own happy ending.


We empower fulfillment in our teammates, our guests and our communities (in that order).

We empower our team by providing the soil for them to grow on their journeys towards fulfillment. Growth is the only way that people can realize their potential but the word empower makes it clear the responsibility for the growth is still on them.

Practice Radical Candor

Genuinely care AND directly challenge teammates to help them improve. Don’t sacrifice clarity for kindness. Be open and honest with your thoughts and feelings. Always confront teammates with feedback; never gossip.

Always Learn and Grow

Continuous improvement; always a student. Be open minded to feedback; it’s shown in your effort not just your words. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Be adaptable.

Strive for WIn-Win

Seek solutions that benefit everyone involved. Give smartly to make the pie bigger for you and for me. Be creatively collaborative.

Spread Good Vibes

Radiate positive energy; it’s contagious. Be kind; be empathetic; be considerate. Don’t be arrogant; be humbly confident. Be the reason someone smiles today.


During the COVID Pandemic, our group, Happy Endings Hospitality was forced to lay off 208 employees and close all six of our restaurants in the immediate aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. Sensing that food delivery and take out would soon become the norm, our team quickly mobilized and constructed a new menu with the help of volunteers from our staff.

We devised a plan which was named “Operation Deliver Happiness” whose mission is to safely deliver delicious food to guests while saving staff jobs and providing financial and food relief for our staff and the DMV community. Profits from Operation Deliver Happiness were used to support our laid off staff and those facing food insecurity in the DMV community. The new initiative allowed us to re-hire some of our staff back, while helping those that were laid off.


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    ADDRESS: 1800 N LYNN STREET, ARLINGTON, VA | PHONE: (571) 800-1881


    HOURS: MONDAY – SUNDAY 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM